Via, we found an interesting video with Giampiero Testoni, Energica's CTO, going into some unprecedented detail on the EGO and EGO45 models hitting the streets next year.  Don't worry, we took notes:

  • Design changes to allow better, more efficient, easier service of the bike
  • Improvements in electronics, dash display
  • NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt) battery chemistry
  • Patent pending air cooling for battery pack
  • Battery weight with case is 230lbs (total curb weight is 570 lbs)
  • Evaluating battery chemistry for "next model"
  • Separate cooling for motor (oil system), controller (water cooling) and battery (air cooling)
  • Weight distribution moved slightly to rear: ratio is 53/47 (F/R)
  • 220V onboard charger for 3.5hr charge, 1/2hr to 80% SOC available
  • Adjustable footpegs on EGO 45, carbon fiber, choice of finish and color

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