A lot of times plug-in car comparisons don't make a lot of sense.  For example, we have already seen one too many Tesla Model S vs BMW i3 comparisons.  Enough.

This time though, we are intrigued.

Which is the better EV?  The Fiat 500e or the Volkswagen e-Golf?  Having yet to drive the all-electric VW, we really aren't qualified to answer that question - but perhaps Autobytel is, as they put both cars through the paces.

At first blush, the EVs have a lot of similar features:

  • both are mild electrified conversion of a popular petrol platform
  • both have similar starting MSRPs, the Fiat 500e from $32,300 - the VW e-Golf from $35,445
  • both could be considered "compliance" EVs if you reside the US (regional rollouts)
  • how about EV range?  The 500e is rated at 87 miles, the e-Golf at 83 miles

Here Is The EPA's Official

Here Is The EPA's Official "Worksheet" On What The Two EVs Can Do

Thankfully, Autobytel isn't too preachy and lets you make up your own mind.  So, which is it - the e-Golf or the 500e?

Hat tip to offib!

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