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Volkswagen e-Golf

Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen, recently stated that solid-state batteries have tremendous potential for electric cars.

Volkswagen expects that the new chemistry will allow to more than triple the range of electric cars to up to 700 km (435 miles).

1000 Wh/l is the target (well above the current 380 Wh/l), but there is no indication of Wh/kg, so we don't know how to evaluate Winterkorn's statement. Another target is a price of 100 euros per kWh.

Here are the statements made by Winterkorn at Stanford University during the award of the third Science Award for Electrochemistry to Dr. Vanessa Wood.

  • Take energy density, for example:
Increasing the specific energy of lithium-ion cells to as much as 380 Wh/l will reduce driving range drawbacks.

With a higher nickel content, much more will be feasible.

But we also need to intensify basic research into batteries with an even greater specific energy, such as solid-state batteries.

I see great potential in this new technology, possibly boosting the range to as much as 700 kilometers (1,000 Wh/l).

  • Another matter is cost:
Lowering the price of battery cells to 100 euros per kilowatt hour would significantly increase the market potential of electric vehicles.
  • And if we also improve reliability and battery lifespan, customer acceptance will grow fast.
Ladies and gentlemen,

We are reaching out to the world of science to make all this happen.

Source: Green Car Congress

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