The BMW i3.

The BMW i3.

Prepare to get schooled on the BMW i3 as the German automaker launched multiple videos, which cover several key points of the vehicle.

The BMW i3 starts at around $41,000. (Here are some some additional specs on the i3, if interested)

"What is the BMW i3?" You may ask… The video below is sure to answer that question:

In many ways, the i3 is unique when compared to other vehicles… So, here's the gist of the concept that the i3 offers:

May we call the i3 an eco-space ship? Because it looks like one & its all done with "Green" as a top priority:

There are many different ways to charge the i3. The video below talks entirely in regards to that:

This video discusses the owner's manual & basic functions. Hint: You are not going to find the owners manual in the glove compartment:

Lots of information throughout the instrument cluster. The video below breaks it all down:

BMW thought of almost everything when it comes to efficient battery use. Want to have fun or be economical… or both?:

Feel more i3 savvy after watching all of these BMW i3 videos?

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