Nissan LEAF Chosen For World's Largest Island-Based Electric Car Sharing Scheme

Nissan LEAF Chosen For World's Largest Island-Based Electric Car Sharing Scheme

Schylge-E-Auto, in partnership with the province of Friesland, the Dutch Frisian islands and Terschelling's district council, launched a car sharing scheme on Terschelling - one of the Dutch Frisian islands.

According to Nissan, which supplied 65 LEAFs for the project, this is world's largest island-based electric car-sharing scheme.

The plan is to expand the fleet to 100 cars if demand from residents and visitors is strong enough. Combined, the LEAFs should cover 110,000 km a year, or approximately 1,550 km per car. That would represents 10 percent of the cumulative distance driven annually by all of the islanders.

"The new scheme aims to keep Terschelling clean and beautiful, whilst still providing islanders and visitors with the mobility they need. And it is the first time anywhere that the entire population of an island has been given its own fleet of electric cars to share. Anyone living on Terschelling can join the scheme simply by downloading the special app and applying for a user card. That provides access to the cars and monitors usage, which costs €0.19 a minute, excluding VAT. For added convenience, extra charging points have been installed throughout the island.

Although residents have priority, visitors can also use the pool of Nissan LEAFs. Subject to availability, they can be rented through Rederij Doeksen, the ferry operator serving Terschelling. Once the full fleet of 100 vehicles is on the road, a Nissan LEAF should be available to anyone wanting to enjoy the island's natural beauty in environmentally-friendly comfort.

Despite the small size of their island - 88 square kilometres in area and with just one main road, 15 kilometres in length - the 4800 people living on Terschelling currently own approximately 2000 passenger cars. On average, these are on the road for only 30 hours a year."

Hans Werner of Schylge-E-Auto stated:

"That makes a shared Nissan LEAF costing 19 cents a minute far less expensive than running your own. Moreover, a survey shows that 17 per cent of car owners on Terschelling would be willing to part with their vehicle. That amounts to about 340 cars in all."

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