BMW i3 Now Available In China

BMW i3 Now Available In China

BMW i8 Now On Sale In China

BMW i8 Now On Sale In China

Last month, BMW entered China's blooming electric vehicle segment when both the i3 and i8 went on sale there.

Pricing for the BMW i3 is reasonable at 449,000 yuan (or $73,000 USD), while the i8's price tag makes the Tesla Model S seem downright cheap.  i8s starts at ~ two million yuan in China (~$326,000 USD).

The Tesla Model S has a base price of 734,000 yuan ($121,000 USD) in China.

This is BMW's first foray into China's EV market (aside from the joint venture BMW-Brilliance Zinoro 1e, a lease/rent only offering).

The sales target for the i3/i8 in China is 1,000 combined units by the end of 2014.

The Wall Street Journal adds:

"BMW said it has appointed seven dealers for BMW i in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenyang."

"To help kick-start demand, BMW in April announced it would invest an undisclosed amount to set up 50 charging stations in Shanghai together with local partners."

Source: Wall Street Journal

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