This story has been making the rounds since GizMag broke it a couple of days ago, and though it's certainly mighty quick, (it's quicker than even Top Gear's favorite car ever, the Bugatti Veyron) a remarkable accomplishment by a student team, it's just not the quickest electric vehicle or even car for that matter. Just read the comments on the post for example, and also the National Electric Drag Racing Association's (NEDRA) Facebook page. There are plenty quicker, but it's not generally a number (the 0-100km/h figure) that gets noted - possibly the reason for the confusion.  The KillaCycle, for example, did 0-60 MPH in .97 seconds and John Metric's Miata regularly hits the mark in 1.5 seconds.

In fact, the record they did apparently break is the SAE "Formula Student" class, limiting the power to 100kW.  Read all about the car, team and school here.  See the SAE Formula rules here (pdf): 2014 Formula SAE® Rules - Student Central

But we do have a really cool video of Grimsel.

And another one of Grimsel's "record" run:

Congrats to the team, and it's certainly not to disparage their efforts.  We're not being pedantic, but we've got to keep the records straight out of respect to the guys who've worked just as hard to break through barriers, and accomplished just as much.