Morgan Threewheeler

Morgan Threewheeler

The Morgan Threewheeler is back and is a hot seller, but the one available right now is not electric.

For Morgan Motor Company, the newly resurgent vehicle with 100 years of tradition (production ended in 1953), the Threewheeler, becomes the firm’s single most popular product and is responsible for 50% of production.

Approximately 500 units a year are made, but as it turns out demand is much higher and customers are waiting months for deliveries.

Not a bad result considering the price of £32,000 (more than $51,000).

It seems that at such price there is plenty of room for battery costs, especially since the pack doesn't need to be big.

According to some reports, Morgan is considering an electric version of the Threewheeler.  Who knows, maybe it's worth to try.

Source: The Telegraph

Here is a random review of the conventional version:

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