Hyperbole being what it is in motorsports and advertising (by which we mean "ridiculous"), we're always seeing the "Fastest in ALL the WORLD..." claims, and this morning one particular ad claimed one particular production electric motorcycle was the "FASTEST ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE IN THE WORLD".  Yeah, well, sorry pal.  It barely ranks.  But we'll let you try to guess which bike made that claim.

Here's a fun chart, gleaned from the internet, from a combination of manufacturer claims, sanctioned and timed events, and just straight-out unsubstantiated numbers.  But fun, nevertheless.  Now, be warned.  Whenever you start talking about top speeds, records and the like, you immediately get into questions of classes, conditions, and every manner of distinctions that end up sounding like a combination of something you'd overhear in a Junior High School locker room, and what you'd hear if you had a bunch of biker-lawyers in a biker-lawyer bar after a good drinking session just before the brawl breaks out.  So we offer this with no apologies, and no claims for definitive data. Also, records being records, they change (and are obliterated) with the seasons.

We'd also like to congratulate several of our friends for making this list.  Jeff Disinger comes first, because he's fed us beer in his shop.  Frank John, the Maine NEDRA chapter Director second, because he owes us beer, and we've got to be friendly if we're ever going to see it.  The Ohio State Buckeye team always impresses, (they're too young to drink beer) and their IOM entry piloted by Rob Barber was a work of art and science, and last, but not really last at all - first, to tell the truth, our old friend Mike Corbin, who ran the Quicksilver at 165.387 mph in 1975, shown above.  So there, mister "fastest motorcycle in the world".

Motocycle/Team Top Speed (mph) Notes
Corbin Gentry 101 ca. 1972
Zero SR 102  (production)
Brammo Empulse/Empulse R 110  (production)
Fazi – Egraf 115.266
Moto Electra Racing & JMU 127.177
Frank John: E-BUSA 140.48
RW-1 / Ohio State University 144.352
Electracutioner 144.71
Mission RS 150 "+" noted on mfr site
Energica EGO 150 (system-limited)
Mission Motors 150.059
RW-2 / Ohio State University 150 93.531 IOM Lap average speed
Team Sarolea Racing 155 93.507 IOM Lap average speed
Predator 162.06
MotoCzysz E1pc 163
Honda Shinden San / Team Mugen 164 117.366 IOM Lap average speed
Corbin Gentry 165.387 ca. 1975
Brammo Empulse RR 170 race-only model (Daytona)
Killacycle 170
SUU, Riches-Nelson Racing 176.434
Brutus Rocket 177 Pikes Peak configuration
Swigz ProRCGSuperbike Prototype 196.912
Lawless "Rocket" 201.37
Lightning Motorcycles 218.6
KillaJoule 270.224
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