BMW is fully aware of how the i3 REx performs under most all circumstances, yet we know that not all dealers don't openly share this vital information with potential i3 REx buyers.

Above is a BMW-provided worksheet on REx operation.  The information contained is not confidential.  Actually, it's found within the dealer training manual.

The idea is that the dealer passes the information along to potential buyers so that they can make an informed decision, but clearly this isn't always the case.

We've now heard perhaps a dozen or so stories in which the BMW i3 REx enters reduced power mode.  Typically, this occurs unexpectedly and catches the driver off guard.  However, if the above info was openly shared, then this wouldn't be a surprising situation.

Even knowledgeable automotive reviewers like industry veteran Chris Paukert over at Autoblog was caught off guard by the i3 REx's power restriction.  We wonder...was Paukert provided with the information shown above?

Point is, the information is out there.  It's BMW job to make sure that i3 REx buyers/owners get the right info.  The dealers have this knowledge, but it may be the automaker who needs to take action to ensure that REx owners understand the operation of this unique vehicle.

And yes...entering restricted power mode all of a sudden and without warning is dangerous, so this is a safety concern, which then falls on BMW's shoulders to address.

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