Tesla Supercharger in Norway

Tesla Supercharger in Norway

Well known Tesla Model S enthusiast Bjørn Nyland recorded and prepared an interesting timelapse video from supercharging his Model S.

Shown are two examples at two different sites (Lier and Gol in Norway).  However, a different state of charge and temperature, plus different firmware on the car, do not allow for direct performance comparisons.

In both cases, charging begins at 100-110 kW (over 330 A in Lier) and gradually slows down to about 70 kW at half charged pack and then to some 50 kW at about 75%.

In Lier, drawing roughly 58 kWh, took 46 minutes and it was a best-case scenario (lower 58 kWh from 85 kWh battery pack). The lower the state of charge, the more juice is drawn.

Despite Tesla saying that Superchargers are 120 kW ready (or even 135 kW in Germany) and they are, charging power drops below 100 kW after 1/3 state of charge. To fully utilize Superchargers, a new type of battery will be needed, which will accept all the available power and charge maybe even 10-15 minutes faster.

"A comparison of supercharger in Lier vs Gol on my Tesla Model S P85. The charging in Gol was done with a different firmware version."

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