Mitsubishi Donates 2 i-MiEVs To Government Of Laos

Mitsubishi Donates 2 i-MiEVs To Government Of Laos

On September 16, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation donated via KLM Import-Export Sole Co. two i-MiEVs to Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos) government.

Laos isn't a significant market for electric cars, however Mitsubishi expects that automobile sales will grow strong in the region.

According to the press release, the EVs together with hydraulic power generation could help to lower emission.

"Development of hydraulic power generation has been actively pursued in Laos where plenty of water resources are available from large rivers like the Mekong River. As EVs and natural energy go well together, it is hoped that expansion of EVs could lead to further reducing CO2."

"MMC has brought in three units of the i-MiEV to Laos so far, conducting studies of its compatibility in the market. MMC donated two of these units to the Laos government to cooperate with the government's EV popularization initiatives."

"Among the rapidly-growing Asia and ASEAN markets, Laos is expected to show progressing economic development in the future as well as drastic growth in its automobile market. In December 2013, MMC signed a contract with KLM for sales and services in Laos to rebuild and strengthen its sales and service network in the country. MMC plans to firmly establish its brand presence and further sales expansion in the country with an eye on expanding the current lineup of SUVs and pickup trucks to include EVs and other vehicles in the upcoming future."

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