In 2013, Washington state lead the US in EV adoption with 1 in every 70 new vehicle purchases being of the plug-in variety.

And although that has dropped slightly in 2014 to 1 out of 88, overall on the all-time list Washington still stands number two, behind just California.  (2013 EV and 2014 EV YTD "Top 10" state EV adoption figures here).

Now the Washington State Department of Transportation tells us exactly how many plug-ins have been registered so far (through July 2014), and how the demos break down.

In total, 9,745 plug-in vehicles have been sold.  Of those 6,798 are all-electric vehicles, with the balance being plug-in hybrids - 2,947.

Obviously as King County includes Seattle, more than half (5,420) of all plug-ins can be found there...but we would also like to give a Inside EVs' shout out to Ted and Nancy in Cathlamet for putting Wahkiakum county on the board - Go Mules!

Of note for Washington: a purchase or lease of a new electric vehicle before July 1, 2015 in Washington, means exemption from state sales/use tax and the motor vehicles sales/use tax.

West Coast Green Highway, Hat tip to Marshall!

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