Earlier this year Volkswagen announced that the e-Golf (full details), an all-electric car with 83 miles of range, would be available in United States in November.

Volkswagen Is Currently Running a $299/month ($2,000 down) Lease Program On The e-Golf SEL - Retail $35,445

Volkswagen Is Currently Running a $299/month ($2,000 down) Lease Program On The e-Golf SEL - Retail $35,445

At the time we felt that the e-Golf could actually arrive in America ahead of schedule (unlike most new EV releases), given the car's aggressive production schedule.

And we weren't wrong...but only just.

Mike Sullivan, of LAcarGUY fame - and President/owner of 10 Los Angeles area dealerships, including Volkswagen Santa Monica (the dealership that started the family empire) let us know that his dealership delivered the first e-Golf in America on Halloween, Friday October 31st.

"We are happy to announce that we have sold the first Volkswagen USA e-Golf in the U.S.!!!!" - Volkswagen Santa Monica

Fun fact:  LAcarGUY was the first automotive dealer in the country to offer electric charging stations that are open to the general public

Volkswagen Santa Monica

Volkswagen Santa Monica

Interestingly, there was no VW fanfare about the first delivery (at least not yet), and as it turns out, this was the ONLY e-Golf delivered in October.

This might be because VW had put "the US' First Ever Volkswagen e-Golf " up for a charity auction a couple weeks ago - an auction that ended Wednesday afternoon, and as far as we know, a car that has yet to be delivered.

(The fine print suggests CharityBuzz doesn't need to inform VW of the winner until Nov 5th, and there is a few days worth of paperwork potentially to do).

Update:  After speaking with VW, InsideEVs has learned an Oregon man indeed won the bidding last Wednesday (more details here) and will be receiving his e-Golf later this week.  Winning bid? $41,400

Regardless of the 'who got what when' debate, all that really matters is that the United States now has 21 different major models of plug-in vehicles on the road today!

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