Another more popular automotive YouTube channel, The Fast Lane Car, gets its hands on the new BMW i8. Needless to say, The Fast Lane Car loves it.

TFL Car briefly spoke in regards to Tesla Motors. Let's just agree that those who buy the i8 or the Model S do so for different reasons.

TFL Car will soon be giving the i8 to a former Formula 1 driver, as stated in the video above. We are eager to follow up on that as well. If TFL Car loves the i8 this much, imagine what they will think when it performs on the track.

We're beginning to think that we won't see even one negative review of the BMW i8.  Could it be that the i8 is that spectacular?  It seems the i8 is following in the Model S footsteps in this regard. Could it be that both the i8 and Model S are so amazing that any negatives are largely put to rest by the wealth of positives?

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