According to a report titled "The Tesla Battery Report," there's virtually no possible way that the Tesla Model 3 will be priced in the mid-$30,000 range as Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims.

Author of the report, Dr. Menahem Anderman, is a known Tesla skeptic, so we don't put too much stock in what he states.  Regardless, here are his claims (via ChargedEVs):

"Dr Anderman is skeptical of Elon Musk’s confidence that Tesla can build battery packs for under $100 per kilowatt-hour in less than 10 years: “Our assessment shows that pack pricing for the 2025 time scale could be as low as $167/kWh…Pack cost much below $200/kWh is unlikely before 2020.”

"...in the most likely scenario, “the price of the 2017 new model will be in the range of $50-80k.”

Here at InsideEVs, the consensus among the staff is that $35,000 is probably an unrealistic normal selling price for the Model 3.  Perhaps a stripped-down base version could be listed at that price (it's possible the stripper Model 3 won't sell in volume and Tesla will pull it like the automaker did with the 40-kWh Model S), but we fully expect the average Model 3 transaction price to be in the ballpark range of $50,000, so perhaps the doctor isn't too far off.

At $80,000, that would include all the bells and whistles and then some.  At $80,000, you're in low-end Model S territory, so selling the Model 3 at that price won't be easy, we don't think it would be possible to equip a 3 anywhere near that.

It's guessing time.  If we use these figures ($35,000 to $80,000) as a range, then what do you think will be the base MSRP (excluding any tax credits) of the Model 3?  What will an optioned-out Model 3 go for?

Source: The Tesla Battery Report via ChargedEVs

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