The R/C Bullet doing it's thing (via PoleCam)

The R/C Bullet doing it's thing (via PoleCam)

Just the other day, on October 28th, a video was posted that shows electric car history being made.  No, we're not talking about anything you can ride in, but it's electric just the same, and it could have some serious implications in the performance of what will be parked in your driveway in a few years.  This little beast broke speed records that are shared by only a very select few: the 200mph Club, and they have a Guinness certificate to prove it.

If you think this is the work of one guy in his basement, think again.  Take a look at the team of over a hundred people who contributed to this effort:

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There also appears to be some more to the story as well: "These runs are in memory of Chris Casey's short life.  This one's for you Chris "

As far as the specs go, the team's not talking, but there are a few hints, such as the NeuMotors connection (for those doubting that the screaming sound you hear in the video comes from an electric motor.  Hey, we thought they were "silent".)  To see more about the efforts leading up to this, see Nic Case's YouTube channel, here, described simply as "The fastest R/C cars in the world."

Here's the video, and our congrats to the entire team:

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