LG Chem Has Grand Battery Plans

LG Chem Has Grand Battery Plans

When it rains, it pours.

Right now, it's pouring Nissan/LG Chem news.

Here's the latest update (via Nikkei):

"LG Chem is hoping to clinch a contract to supply next-generation batteries to Nissan Motor, the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles."

"...adding this Japanese carmaker to its customer list will enable it to boost production, become more cost competitive and gain the upper hand in the battle to set the standard for next-generation batteries."

This fits perfectly with the recent news of Nissan possibly ditching (or lessening) its in-house batteries in favor of LG Chem and even lines up with LG Chem's announcement that it will be the "number one player" in the automotive battery segment.

Nikkei adds:

"No details have been revealed about when LG Chem might begin to supply Nissan with batteries and in what volume."

Speculatively, we think that LG Chem could supply Nissan with core battery components, which will then be assembled into finished battery packs at Nissan's 3 battery factories (Japan, UK and U.S.)

Surely these next-generation batteries will be for the Nissan LEAF (and Infiniti LE, too).  The next-gen LEAF is expected to launch as a Model Year 2017 EV, while the Infiniti LE is to launch as a 2018.

LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

Source: Nikkei

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