At Mike Cook's Bonneville Shootout land speed event, Eva Håkansson broke 270 mph to become the fastest electric motorcycle in history, and the second-fastest battery powered vehicle in the world - second to the Ohio State Buckeye Bullet streamliner car, V2.5, at 307.6mph.

KillaJoule's speed was 270.224 mph (434.9 km/h), and is FIA sanctioned and certified through the USAC (United States Auto Club) and FIM motorcycle records sanctioned through the AMA (American Motorcycle Association).

This quote is directly from the KillaCycle Racing site:

"The computer model showed a possible maximum speed of ~270 mph. For the first time ever, practice agreed with theory. The A123 Systems 14 Ahr pouch cells are really unbelievable. They have touting them for some time, and we finally agreed to try them. They are _really_ stiff. We attribute the remarkable top speed to the low sag of these cells under load.  We made greater than 700 amp (25 C) looong pulls from the the 2P pack which resulted in less than 10 Celsius temperature rise."

"The rest of the drive system performed flawlessly under the hostile salt environment. The Rinehart controllers and EVO motors gave us zero grief. While the ICE racers surrounding us had small armies for support teams, the KillaJoule had just five people. We mostly cleaned the salt off the vehicle, refilled the ice water cooling, recharged the pack, and repacked the chutes. The bike ran very straight and the handling was perfect. This also was a pleasant surprise for an asymmetric vehicle. It was as pretty much as good as it gets for a day at Bonneville salt flats."

The goal for next year?

"Going to work on some improvements over the winter, and perhaps make an attempt for 300 mph next year."

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