Due to hit the US market in just a few weeks, the Volkswagen e-Golf will only be available in one trim level - at least at first according to the German company.

The e-Golf SEL Premium.

Naturally when a model starts piling up capital letters behind its name and the tag "premium" is applied, you know it isn't going to be the cheapest EV on the block - and this continues to be true with the "70 to 90 mile" e-Golf that starts at $35,445.

Fortunately for Americans, we ran down a VW exec and can thankfully (and exclusively) report that the initial lease deal is actually quite a good one - $299/month for 36 months, with $2,000 down. (full details here)

And while we have now seen a few European reviews on the e-Golf, here is one from the other side of the pond by TFL (The Fast Lane Car).

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