A "green" car in a green environment. Very appropriate!

Bjørn Nyland uploaded Part 2 of his European road trip in his Tesla Model S P85. (Part 1 & further details here)

If you thought the previous part 1 was long, wait until you see this!  Bjorn did ask to see if his regular viewers wanted a shortened version or the full-length feature seen here.  The vote was unanimous: full-length it is.

We personally really enjoy these long documentaries, especially when they are very informative, exactly how Bjørn Nyland's videos are.

One of the main goals for a Model S (and soon Model X) is to prove that they are road-trip capable, and then some. These videos by Bjorn prove exactly that.

Model S owners, what is the longest trip you have taken with yours? Were there any issues?

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