Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan launched in the UK ‘£2 Challenge' (some $3.20) to present how low energy costs are to use all-electric cars.

One of the companies that accepted the challenge is the Ergro group of companies, which put the e-NV200 into service within its air conditioning division.

As it turns out, one day of driving for them cost just £1.20 in electricity:

"Undertaking the £2 Challenge, Ergro engineer Charlie Morgan drove the fully loaded e-NV200 from the company's Dartford base to central London where he completed a full day's worth of service calls before heading back.

At the end of the day, he had used just £1.20's worth of the vehicle's full £2 charge, clearly demonstrating how the e-NV200 can help fleet operators and business van users significantly reduce running and whole-life costs."

Ergro chairman, Chris Wollen, stated:

"We've been really impressed by the e-NV200 and what it can do."

"The running costs speak for themselves and are a real no-brainer but there's a lot more to this van than cost savings."

"As a company that takes the sustainability of its fleet very seriously, we'll definitely take a very close look at the e-NV200 when we next buy vehicles."

Nissan said that total costs of ownership of e-NV200 are lower than a conventional diesel van, but the higher initial price still is barrier for some:

"In addition to low running costs and emissions, users will also benefit from low maintenance costs that make for unrivalled total cost of ownership - £1,200 lower than a conventional diesel van over four years - and an unbeatable proposition for businesses large and small. Thanks to the unique driving experience of the e-NV200, drivers will feel less fatigued due to the lack of engine vibration in the cabin."

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