NYC e-Carriage Test Drive

NYC e-Carriage Test Drive

In the ultimate showdown between horse and electric car, the horse comes out on top:

"Even the motorheads at Car and Driver say “get a horse” when it comes to Central Park."

As NY Daily News reports:

"The magazine sent a writer to compare the traditional horse-pulled carriages and the faux-vintage electric cars that animal rights groups are pushing as an alternative — and the equines finished first."

How can a horse-drawn carriage beat an electric car? Car & Driver's John Pearley Huffman concludes:

“Having two brains at the controls allows the driver to interact with his customers, face to face; that’s impossible with the eCarriage. A horse just makes it a better tourist experience, even if you’re staring at the back end of it."

Here's more of the "test drive" summary from NY Daily News:

"As any city carriage driver could have told him, the buggies are surprisingly compact, light and make tight turns. When they’re pulled by one of the placid, experienced horses the drivers barely have to lift a finger to direct them. The hefty horses are adept at speeding up and slowing down their buggies, while the cumbersome electronic car couldn’t quite cut it in the city’s fast-moving traffic."

One more knock on the electric car was that motorists didn't extended the same courtesy to it as they do horse-drawn carriages.

Huffman writes:

“Combine the primitive (steering) column with replica BFGoodrich Silvertown bias-ply truck tires mounted on 6.0x24-inch Forgeline aluminum wheels and the result is hazy steering. The effort isn’t high, but the reactions are slow. That’s fine at low speeds and with no traffic, but unnerving when a squadron of Camry cabs squeezes the doorless eCarriage against a double-decker tourist bus."

Huffman found one plus related to the electric car: it's finish and plush interior easily trumps the horse-drawn carriages, many of which are in need of some refurbishing.

Which was more fun?  That's always important to us.  Huffman concludes that the horse-drawn carriage was, and always will be, way more fun.

Source: NY Daily News

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