3D-Printed Battery for cars?

3D-Printed Battery for cars?

A company called Graphene 3D Lab (the spinout of Graphene Laboratories, Inc.) recently demonstrated a 3D printed battery with use of graphene-enhanced materials.

Graphene 3D Lab said that "3D printed graphene battery can potentially outperform a conventional battery because of its shape, size and specifications that can be freely adjusted to fit the particular design of the device".

Potential application for this are of course structural batteries for electric vehicles, which some companies like Volvo presented (using old fashion cells) in the past.

We are not sure how well structural batteries would work, as there arises a new set of problems (collisions), but the concept is interesting.

More information can be found in the presentation and in the video attached below.

Beside materials and 3D printer filaments (3D printer feed stock) for different applications, Graphene 3D Lab would like to produce multimaterial printers starting in early 2016.

Graphene 3D Investor Video from Shufflebox Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

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