Tesla Model S Battery Pack

Tesla Model S Battery Pack

This past Friday, during Ford's Q3 earnings call, Ford CEO Mark Fields was asked whether or not the automaker had obtained a Tesla Model S.  Fields could've shrugged off the question, but instead he confirmed that the automaker did indeed have a Model S in its possession:

"We have driven the Model S, torn it down, put it back together, and driven it again.  We're very familiar with that product."

That's basically all that Fields stated on the topic, but this alone confirms that Ford at least has some level of interest in the technology behind the Tesla badge.

Of course, teardowns of competing models is nothing new in the auto industry.  However, it's not often that a CEO comes out to admit the occurrence.

The IHS has a Tesla Model S teardown in progress, so even if an automaker can't or chooses not to obtain a Model S, they can get all the nitty-gritty details on the electric sedan through the IHS here.

If you were to conduct a Tesla teardown, what aspects of the car would you be most focused on?

Source: Business Insider

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