Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

Iowa's department of Transportation has deemed Tesla-conducted Model S test drives illegal.

So, you're probably thinking that Model S test drives don't occur anymore in Iowa, right?  Wrong.

InsideEVs is on the scene for a law-skirting event where Model S owners (mostly from Minnesota) trekked to Iowa to hold a private test-drive event where potential Tesla-owning Iowans can drive the Model S to get a feel for the electric car.

There's always a way to work around existing laws, right?

Paul Steier, director of the Iowa DOT’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection, says that this test-drive event is perfectly legal since the Model S owners don't work for Tesla and have no direct association with the automaker.

Interested Iowans can purchase a Tesla online or venture out of state to the nearest Tesla store.

The group conducting the so-called renegade test drives will head to Michigan (another state where Tesla can't conduct sales) next Spring.

The Model S test-drive event in Iowa is in Des Moines at the Urbandale Hy-Vee, 8710 Douglas Ave, from 5-8 PM on Friday or 11 AM-3 PM on Saturday.

Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

*InsideEVs is on the scene in Des Moines where we're capturing video of the event too.  Look for us to present more coverage of this unique test-drive event soon.

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