Tesla Model S Is The Target

Tesla Model S Is The Target

Audi R8 E-Tron

Audi R8 E-Tron

According to Germany's Manager Magazin, some of the German premium automakers are now gearing up to take on Tesla.

Manager Magazin reports that both Mercedes-Benz and Audi will present Tesla fighters in the near future.

Audi's Tesla fighters, likely to be two vehicles so that Audi can compete with both the Model S and Model X, are expected to include an "SUV-coupe" that rumor says will be called the Q8.  This SUV will debut either in late 2017 or early 2018.  Its Model S competitor is the R8 e-tron, a pure electric car that will be available in 2015 by special order.  Both the Q8 and R8 will have a minimum of 400 kilometers of electric range (NEDC).

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz is reportedly readying a Tesla challenger too.  Per Manager Magazin (via Google translate)

The German premium car maker Tesla want U.S. top dog attack with new, own electric cars. Mercedes and Porsche to models with more than 400 km battery range. Audi will present its Tesla-fighter until 2018.

Mercedes plans comparable with E or S Class electric car, says group circles. The Board has not yet decided about the project, CEO Dieter Zetsche is exaggerating but ahead vigorously.

However, the E-Mercedes can not be placed on one of the current model architectures. For this purpose, the required battery is too big, tell stakeholders. Therefore, the Tesla Fighter will probably not even come on the market before 2021.

Which translates to Mercedes-Benz is expected to develop a dedicated electric car model that will match or beat the range of the Model S, but this vehicle won't launch until 2021.

Okay, so even if all the Tesla fighters become reality, there's still the issue with timing.  2015 for a Model S competitor puts Audi's challenger 3 years behind Tesla.  The Q8, a Model S fighter, will arrive 2 or 3 years after Tesla's electric SUV.  And then there's the electric Mercedes, which will arrive close to a decade after the Model S went on sale.

Too late to the party?  We think so.  Tesla quite likely be looking at their next generation of vehicles be the time these current generation Model S fighters arrive.

Source: Manager Magazin

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