Nissan LEAF at the 2014 Paris Motor Show

Nissan LEAF at the 2014 Paris Motor Show

After releasing data on the largest missing puzzle piece - the Japanese figure for Nissan LEAF sales in September - we can finally note a new world record.

Nissan delivered last month almost 7,000 electric cars.

Everything began with a strong 2,881 in the U.S., supported by a record of 1,986 in Europe and one of the highest numbers in Japan: 1,756.

This is enough for 6,623 in total, but we believe that the real number is higher as LEAF is sold worldwide. If we include e-NV200, Nissan is almost for sure above the 7,000-unit mark for all-electric cars in a month or 84,000 a year if we times this by 12.

Probably no other manufacturer can boast even exceeding the mark of 3,000 BEVs sold in a single month.

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