The Venturi VBB-3 on Bonneville's Track

The Venturi VBB-3 on Bonneville's Track

Venturi VBB-3 has completed its first tests on the Bonneville's salt flats.  The partially flooded track prevented the team from reaching new speed records, however they gathered a lot of experience.

The maximum that Venturi VBB-3 could do was 270 mph in its category (EV over 3.5 metric tons), but still that's below the record of 495 km/h.

The team is promising that in 2015 it will chase down the 400 mph barrier (643 km/h).

Here is the latest video from the tests and a talk with driver Roger Schroer:

How did you feel driving the VBB-3 ?

As always it was a great thrill to drive at high speeds on the Bonneville salt flats in a Venturi OSU streamliner, in particular this time since we were testing all of the VBB3 systems. I was impressed with the overall level of aerodynamic stability both while at top speed and during parachute deployment, the good driver visibility, and the practical and safe cockpit layout.

What do you think about the car's potential now ?

We came home to Ohio very enthusiastic, having learned a great deal during our runs. With a relatively new vehicle it is important to cycle through the test series, to ensure safety and to improve our understanding of the car. We achieved our goal of implementing four-wheel-drive, and demonstrated that we can achieve a rate of acceleration necessary in 2015 to reach speeds surpassing the 307 MPH of the Venturi Bullet 2.5.

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