Nissan "No Charge To Charge" EZ-Charge Card Pops Up On Craigslist

This summer Nissan initiated a "No Charge to Charge" program in conjunction with the "EZ-Charge" - a one card system provided by four major EVSE networks.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF "No Charge To Charge" Program Expands Free Charging Options To LEAF Owners

And not unexpectedly, some participants are looking to take advantage of the system by selling their cards to other EV owners (that could also make use of the system) for an ill-gotten profit.

We spoke with Brendan Jones, director of EV Sales and Infrastructure at Nissan about the program this past July (full details and interview here), about the program - and basically for all new LEAF purchases (or leases) in selected areas, new owners would receive 2 free years of public charging at participating stations through the use of the EZ-Charge card.

Now a recent Craigslist ad from a person(s)/dealership in Santa Clara states for $350 you can purchase a Nissan-activated EZ-Charge card and receive all the benefits that come with it:

Unused EZ-Card, free public electric charge for Nissan Leaf for two years. No charge to charge.  $350 only.

We have this extra card for sell. This is for leaf owner who is not eligible for this awesome Nissan program!

Interested please reply, worth of estimated $1500 electric charge in 2 years.

Interestingly, Nissan themselves values the card at $1,012.

We feel we should take this opportunity to warn those persons interested in acquiring free charging for their non-LEAF vehicle that these types of sales are in no way legal.

"Le fine print" via Nissan on the "No Charge To Charge" Program:

The approximate retail value of the offer is up to $1012, but may vary by market. Offer is subject to change at any time and/or is subject to early termination without notice. This offer is not compatible with other offers, is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Fleet customers not eligible.

Hat tip to Doug!

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