BMW i2, i6, i7, iQ Get Rendered - Don't See i1 There

BMW i2, i6, i7, iQ Get Rendered - Don't See i1 There

BMW insider who goes by the handle of Scott27 mentioned the possibility of the i sub-brand to produce a fully electric vehicle to sit below the BMW i3. Dubbed, BMW i1 (no idea why not i2), the even smaller electric city car will be the counterpart of the MINI Rocketman electric vehicle.

Following the BMW i philosophy in design and construction, the BMW i1 is said to arrive before 2020. While the rumor seems somewhat plausible, we believe that a car slotted below the i3 won’t see production in this decade.

BMW is already running incentives to move the i3, a car with the most common complaints being the fairly short driving range and interior space. So an i1 would certainly have a smaller battery to keep the weight down and therefore a shorter range. The cabin space might also be considered below the BMW standards.

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We believe that in the next few years, the i sub-brand will size up, vehicles like the i5 or i9 are closer to reality than the i1. Even a potential i crossover makes more sense to bring to market in order for BMW to stay relevant and bring the fight to segment’s darling, Tesla.

By the end of the decade, we also anticipate an improved version of the BMW i3, with new battery technology and extended range. With a $2 billion investment alone in the i3, the Munich-based automaker has and will continue to make the small city car the pinnacle of the brand.

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