Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Plug-in vehicle registrations in the UK fell down to 515 in August.  However, this is still a 348% improvement over the 115 sold in August of last year.

Not bad on a market that's growing by 9.4% as a whole (for the 30th consecutive month).

With 72,163 new cars registered, EVs have some 0.7% market share.

August is a slow month, and according to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited, just 3% of the year’s sales occur in August typically. September brings the big bang with 18% of total yearly sales, so now we expect a new high sales record for EVs this month.

Maybe it will be even 4-5-times higher than in August like in 2013, which would mean that 2,000 is possible?

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