Tesla Model S owner Shahin Pirani tracked her stolen EV on the Tesla iPhone app as it hit speeds of up to 100 MPH during a high-speed chase Wednesday night in San Diego.

As the story goes, Pirani stepped out of her friend's house and immediately noticed that her Model S was gone.   Pirani stated:

"Of course we panicked, not thinking what to do."

Pirani did what any educated Model S owner would do: she pulled up her Tesla app to track the vehicles whereabouts.

"Sure enough it showed us that the car was within half a mile from where we were."

Pirani's friend drove her to the Model S' location while police were called.

Per NBC San Diego:

"When police arrived, the suspect, along with one passenger, fled in the car and led police on a 20-minute chase."

Pirani adds:

"The car was actually running at 100 mph so we figured the car was being chased by the cops."

Eventually, police were able to bring the car to a halt after deploying to sets of spike strips.  Both occupants of the stolen Model S fled on foot, but were apprehended by police.  The passenger was transported to the hospital for apparent injuries.

On the scene, Pirani commented:

"The car is here and all the cops are here, the helicopter is here; so the navigation definitely did an amazing job."

"After this, I'm not going to get any other car for sure."

How was the Model S stolen?  It's widely believed that Pirani left the key fob in the vehicle, as the Model S itself is darn near impossible to steal without the fob.

*Video footage via Fox 5 San Diego


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