BC Couple not Allowed To Plug In Despite 110 Plug 2 Feet Away

BC Couple not Allowed To Plug In Despite 110 Plug 2 Feet Away

A Port Moody, British Columbia couple have been forced to from their condominium because they want to plug-in.

And while in some communities in the US, such as in Santa Monica, California, now have legislation that says landlords "cannot unreasonably deny a tenant the ability to install a charging station", this is something entirely different.

In this case, the couple owns the condo, they don't want to install anything, but rather use the plug that is 2 feet from their car - a Chevrolet Volt.

The issue here is that their building’s strata corporation is refusing to discuss the matter, and even offers to cover the cost have fallen on deaf ears.

According to Kyle Wiebe and Tamara Tedesco it never occured to them that would not be allowed to plug in as their previous residence had no issue.  In a statement to CTV news Vancouver, the couple said:

“We offered to either pay in monthly installments or a flat fee to more than cover our electric usage." 

And while we understand the strata is within its legal rights to deny access to the plug, they have still taken up a fairly backwards position in our opinion.

Special bonus of bad press for the strata? Ms. Tamara is blind.

"It is extremely frustrating to have to move again, especially for me being blind. It's just a whole other layer of adjustment, relearning my new home, my new area." 

CTV News Vancouver (+ video report)

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