"Veronica Wu, Vice President, Tesla China operations, Tesla Motors, said,We would like Hong Kong to be the Norway of Asia, to showcase the success of EVs. The Hong Kong Government is very open to the idea of electric vehicles and very committed to supporting sustainability.” "

States the video description.

The Tesla Model S was recently made available in Hong Kong (More info here).

Throughout the video, Vice President of Tesla China operations, Veronica Wu discusses the importance of Tesla vehicles in China and Hong Kong.

Just like in Europe, BEVs have benefits in China.  There are tax breaks and incentives such as the ability to get a license plate without waiting years as owners of ICE vehicles typically do in some regions of China. Hong Kong follows guidelines that are similar to China in that the purchase of electric vehicles is encourage by several methods.

We have no doubt the Model S will do just fine in China and Hong Kong.  Hearing Wu discuss the situation affirms our belief.

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