Just a few days ago, InsideEVs posted the following:

Tesla board member and world’s first Tesla Model S owner Steve Jurvetson recently posted the image seen above and the following statement, reproduced in its entirety below:

“Wow. Toyota is the world’s largest car producer, and they are spending money on stoking fear of EV futures — better to stick with the “proven” path of burning fossil fuels in subscale engines with 25% efficiency . I wonder if their employees will look back at this with pride.”

“I saw this last night in the current issue of WIRED, the one with Snowden holding the American Flag to his heart on the cover.”

Lexus Print Ad Via Steve Jurvetson

Lexus Print Ad Via Steve Jurvetson

Upon seeing Lexus' anti-EV print ad, we stated this:

"Well, it seems that Lexus’ anti-EV ad has not died yet.  Perhaps Lexus is restricting it only to print to avoid the social media uproar that followed the online release of the immediately viral video?  Or maybe Lexus still has this ad out there in an attempt to counter the fact the the Japanese automaker is losing sales to Tesla?"

Well, as it turns out, Lexus hasn't pulled the anti-EV ad from the Internet.  In fact, it's still on Lexus' YouTube site.

Remember way back when we aired that Lexus hybrid drive video in which the automaker took cheap shots at plug-in vehicles?  Well, the Lexus commercial was met with such criticism that Lexus promised to review the inaccurate material presented in the video and adjust as necessary.  As AutoblogGreen reported at the time:

"The videos were produced by Team One, Lexus' ad agency. Exactly where the information came from and how it made it to the website is unclear, but Lexus spokesman Moe Durand said that Lexus apologizes for offending anyone and has taken the incorrect videos down. The company will review all the materials and alter and adjust the campaign as necessary, he said."

We see no adjustments made to the video to remove the false claims against electric vehicles, so clearly Lexus is going against its word then.  Oh wait...we do notice one change.  Watch closely and at the end of the video you'll see that Lexus fixed a typo that we pointed out quite sometime ago.  "Foward" is now "Forward."

Screen Cap From Old Video

Screen Cap From Old Video

Screen Cap From New Video

Screen Cap From New Video




What was it that Plug In America stated upon seeing Lexus' anti-EV ad? Oh yeah...it went something like this:

“Hey, Toyota, the 1990s called. They want their outdated anti-EV attack ad back. Plug-in electric vehicles charge while you’re sleeping at home, far more convenient than making a trip to a gas station and coming away smelling like carcinogens. Driving on electricity costs about one fifth what it costs to drive the average gas car and about a third what it costs to drive the most efficient hybrid. An electric drive has smooth, instant acceleration which can’t be matched by any gasoline engine. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone driving a Toyota RAV4 EV.”

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