This week's South Park episode featured a familiar face to those of us closely following the electric vehicles space - Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

More specifically of interest was a very timely spoof of Mr. Musk's launch of the Tesla Model S P85D, complete with a stage equipped robot.

The snippet of most interest is at the beginning of the episode (video above), while one can check the whole episode below.

The synopsis for those not wanting to invest the 21+ minutes is this:

Timmy, is raising money for summer camp by starting Handicar, a rideshare powered by his electric wheelchair...via the Handicar app of course.  Handicar proves popular, so much that Mathew McConaughey vouches for it in a spoof of his awkward series of Lincoln ads.

Enter Elon Musk and his fear of this new business model, and the "Wacky Races" are born.  Blah, ditty-blah, and in the end Elon Musk just buys out Handicar for $2.3 billion dollars.

Total Viewership of the episode: 1,733,000 Cost to Tesla for promotion: $0

And yes Elon watched it...and tweeted.  Naturally.

Musk Tweets Of South Park Appearance

Musk Tweets Of South Park Appearance

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