2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

Buried in a recent Autocar article on the various approaches Mercedes-Benz will take to meet both short- and long-term CO2 requirements in Europe were a few statements related to electric vehicles.

This one, from Thomas Weber, the man in charge of research and development for Mercedes' passenger vehicle division, caught our attention:

“By 2020, we expect the energy density of battery technology to have doubled and the cost halved.  Without any other changes being made, the range of the B-Class Electric Drive could increase to 185 or 250 miles.”

So, without any changes other than increased energy density, the B-Class ED could boast Tesla Model S-like range.

Weber continued:

“Lithium sulphur will be the next step after lithium ion, followed perhaps by lithium air. Lithium sulphur is comparable to lithium ion but lithium air will be a completely different world.”

Guess it's about time to get ready for a complete different world of EVs.

Separately, Harald Kroger, vice president of e-drive for Mercedes-Benz, commented on the limited of range of most of today's electric vehicle:

“These questions often evaporate if you use an EV on a daily basis. A lot of customers realize their regular driving is covered by a 95-mile range.”

To us, it seems that Mercedes-Benz is leaning more and more towards an electrified future, which for now the automaker claims will involve fuel-cell vehicles too, but perhaps that will change as Mercedes sees that fuel cells are unnecessary as range continues to grow.

Source: Autocar

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