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The Public Utility Commission of the State of Pennsylvania approved owners and operators of EV charging stations to implement kilowatt hour ("kWh") pricing within the state.

Thanks to this permit, CarCharging can implement its kWh pricing in Pennsylvania, and that's what it did by announcing Blink Level 2 access from $0.39/kWh to $0.49/kWh depending on status Member/Guest instead of $0.04/min to $0.06/min.

This does not apply to DC fast chargers, which for some reason have kWh pricing only on the West Coast.

Michael D. Farkas, CarCharging's Founder and Chief Executive Officer stated:

"We applaud the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for their decision to permit per kWh pricing given that it is both practical and appropriate. Pricing by kilowatt hour is the fairest, and most attractive, method by which consumers can charge their cars, as it directly ties with the electricity consumed. We believe states which accept this methodology are leading the way in supporting cleaner, more environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives for decades to come."

In Pennsylvania, CarCharging operates more than 140 charging stations including several on the PA turnpike and in major cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Here is the full list of states and prices:

What is the fee to charge at a Blink Level 2 station?

State Blink MemberĀ  Blink Guest
California $0.49/kWh $0.59/kWh
Colorado $0.45/kWh $0.55/kWh
District of Columbia $0.45/kWh $0.55/kWh
Florida $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
Hawaii $0.69/kWh $0.79/kWh
Illinois $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
Maryland $0.45/kWh $0.55/kWh
Minnesota $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
New York $0.49/kWh $0.59/kWh
Oregon $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
Pennsylvania $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
Utah $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
Virginia $0.45/kWh $0.55/kWh
Washington $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh
All Other States $0.04/min $0.06/min

What is the fee to charge at a Blink DC Fast Charger?

State Member Rates Guest Rates
California $0.59/kWh $0.69/kWh
Oregon $0.49/kWh $0.59/kWh
Washington $0.49/kWh $0.59/kWh
All Other States $6.99/session $9.99/session
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