Tesla Model S - 17

Tesla Model S - 17" 1920x1200 MVA LCD Display w/ Touch

IHS’ Teardown Analysis Service recently released its initial report from its Tesla Model S autopsy.

The first part is mainly focused on infotainment and instrumentation systems, while in the second part there is short overview of parts like printed circuit boards, charger, motor and battery modules.

Andrew Rassweiler, Senior Director of Teardown services at IHS Technology, indicates that the Tesla Model S is equipped with many microchips responsible for a narrow set of functions. There is also the largest and most advanced infotainment system ever found by IHS in a car.

"IHS teardown of Tesla Model S finds more commonality with smartphones and tablets than autos in user-facing electronics"

Anything can be done, but at a price. In case of Tesla, the price is high:

"A bill of materials (BOM) for the virtual instrument cluster and the premium media control unit that is roughly twice the cost of the highest-end infotainment unit examined by IHS."

Interesting is that some printed circuit boards were designed by Tesla in house, instead of outsourced to other providers.

IHS will now go step-by-step over most of the parts found in the Model S.

IHS’ Teardown Analysis Service report via Green Car Congress

Two videos from the IHS' Tesla Teardown are linked below.

Video 1

Video 2

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