"EMotorWerks submerges its 60A / 15kW Open Source JuiceBox EVSE under 12 gallons of ice & water for 5 minutes while charging a Nissan Leaf, Challenges Schneider and Bosch to do the same!"

As you'll witness in the video, the JuiceBox EVSE continues to charge the LEAF, despite being fully submerged in ice water.  This, in our opinion, is the ultimate waterproof-ness test for an EVSE.

At the end of the video, both Schneider and Bosch are called out to perform the Ice Bucket Challenge next.  Will Schneider and/or Bosch accept the challenge?  We'll be sure to pass this along to each of the two EVSE makers and hopefully we'll soon see if it's challenge accepted or challenge ignored.

JuiceBox units start at $179 and can be ordered/configured to your liking here.



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