Chevrolet Volt in Chicago

Chevrolet Volt in Chicago

The city of Chicago is attempting to crawl its way up to the top of the US' Plug-In Vehicle Friendly Cities Chart.

An interesting bit of information here!

An interesting bit of information here!

Currently, Chicago sits in the #12 spot on that chart. There are a few reasons why that is so, but hopefully the city can overcome those obstacles.

To name a few, Samantha Bingham,  environmental policy analyst for Chicago’s Department of Transportation, stated:

“The biggest hurdle is education and understanding of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.”

“The vast majority of consumers have the presumption that vehicles are not going to meet their lifestyle needs in terms of range and that charging a vehicles requires expensive equipment.”

On the contrary, charging stations cost less thess most expect and are becoming more available as time passes by.

Let's face it, as a Chicago Land Area resident myself, not only the high gas prices, but the traffic as well…sucks. It's slow moving and vehicles are just sitting there idling, wasting fuel. So, it's clear that the better alternative would be the plug-in vehicle to at least cut the wasted fuel while idling out of the equation.

The initial cost of an EV might be a little higher, but the operating cost is very low, with very little to maintain and we can't overlook the available incentives.

The other concern would be increasing the longevity of the battery packs. The longer, the better, right?

Co-Founder and CEO of battery production company All Cell Technologies LLC, Al-Hallaj, stated:

“This is a disincentive to purchase. More importantly, it kills the used car market. Reducing the cost of batteries helps, but increasing the life to at least the average life of a car is just as important for the electric vehicle market at large"

“That’s something we understand, but it’s going to take time and we can’t improve our efficiency and manufacturing techniques overnight."

As EV adoption continues to grow, and no doubt in our minds it absolutely will, Chicago will figure that the demand is there for BEVs and a robust charging network is needed.

We don't think Chicago will ever make it to the #1 spot on the list, but surely the city can move up from #12 with some effort.

Source: Medill Reports

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