This is the youngest person we have seen drive the new BMW i8.

Being 18 years old and being able to drive such a vehicle would absolutely make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

After all, for most people, its not everyday (maybe never once in your lifetime) that you get to drive  i8.

Tom, the 18-year old driver, light heartedly compares his 1.0L Ford Fiesta to the i8.  As we can gather, that he seems thrilled while driving the i8 and its safe to assume that the Fiesta and the i8 aren't actually being compared here.

Even if the i8 is not your cup of tea, who would turn down the opportunity to test drive one? At least we think no one would!

Have you driven the i8 yet? Or perhaps someone out there owns one? Let us know what it felt like the first time you got behind the wheel.

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