Bjørn Nyland is at it again with his latest Tesla Model S video. This time there's an attempt to set a world record!

We're beginning to think you'll need a surplus of your favorite movie snacks to watch Nyland's videos, which are never short, but very informative.

Nyland heads to Ullared and Copenhagen for a trip, as well as to try to set the world record for the most electric cars in a parade over a bridge.

Well sure enough, the goal was been accomplished! But that's not all.  As you likely already know, Nyland's videos cover all sorts of topics, so the parade is not all you'll see. (Here is a good example: Tesla Model S 3700-mile road trip)

Hope you enjoy all of the sights, sounds, and informative details from this adventure.

What was the largest electric vehicle gathering you have ever encountered/participated in?

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