Alexander Dennis Enviro400H

Alexander Dennis Enviro400H

Transport for London announced a new project with four extended range diesel electric hybrid double deck buses, which next year will be tested in east London using wireless charging to operate mostly in pure electric mode.

These will probably be the very first double deckers with wireless charging at bus stands. The project is part of a wider European Program called Zero Emissions Urban Bus System (ZeEUS).

"The specially built hybrid double deck buses will operate on route 69 between Canning Town and Walthamstow bus stations. The Alexander Dennis Enviro400H E400 buses will be fitted with special technology enabling on-board batteries to receive a charge boost at bus stands at either end of the route."

"It is hoped this will enable the buses to operate in pure electric mode for a significant period of the time they are in passenger service."

"The trial utilises inductive charging technology that allows the buses to top up their batteries without the need to be physically plugged in, offering a more convenient option for use on busy London bus routes."

"The buses have a diesel engine that will be used when the battery power on the bus is depleted, but it is anticipated this will only be a small amount of the time, meaning emissions on these vehicles are greatly reduced."

TFL wants to trial if the technology can stand up to the rigors of operating in an intense urban environment and to understand whether electric-only mode could be realistically achieved.

Wireless charging system will be supplied by IPT Technology.

"Route 69 is operated by Stagecoach.

The partners in this project are: Alexander Dennis (vehicle supplier), IPT Technology (supplying the bus station charging technology), Siemens (for supplying the plug-in chargers based at West Ham bus garage) and TRL and TTR (provided monitoring and evaluation support)"

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