"2013 Black Tesla Model S P85

21" Wheels - Continental Extreme Contact DW Rubber

Dyno maxed out at 2000 lbs·ft but on paper the car should be putting 4301 lbs·ft of torque to the wheels.

416HP Official Rated at the crank 436HP Measured at the wheels

Environment: 80% Charge on the battery, 26ºC outside temp, 24% Humidity, 1157 meters"

States the video description.

It is undeniably cool to see almost any vehicle pump out everything it has on a dyno.

Even cooler when it's a top of the line Tesla Model S 85 kWh Performance giving it a go.

Fortunately, you don't need to cover your ears for this dyno run, nor will those nearby be put off by the harmful emissions that don't exist.

Typically with an ICE vehicle, the crank horsepower rating is substantially higher than what is measure the rear wheels. Not true with the Model S.  We're sure that these results will surprise you.

Here is another view from a GoPro Camera:

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