Samsung SDI: Our Next Technology Roadmap

Samsung SDI: Our Next Technology Roadmap

Samsung SDI, sole supplier of lithium-ion battery cells for BMW i electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, presents on its website "Next Technology Roadmap."

We see that the  Korean manufacturer would like to increase energy density of its Nickel-cobalt-manganese cells from 130 Wh/kg to 250 Wh/kg somewhere in 2019. Such an increase could really help in the introduction of longer range electric cars.

For example, i3 could, without too much redesign, go in all-electric mode as far as the REx version can travel today (on electric + gas).

Interesting is that Samsung SDI is also developing Li-Air Fuel Cells, which in around 2020 could store 300 Wh/kg, but with similar performances available from batteries and charging infrastructure more widely available, we believe that in 2020 it will be hard to successfully introduce fuel cell vehicles on the market.

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