The 200 mile all-electric vehicles from GM is looking more and more like a reality every day.

"Reports" Say A 200 Mile EV Based On The Sonic Is Coming From GM in 2016

First ex-CEO Dan Akerson couldn't help but continually remark how it was "on the horizon" from GM and how the company was working on a 200 mile EV.  Then there was word recently from LG Chem’s CEO Cho Suk-jeh that his company had been contracted by a major OEM to supply a 200 mile battery for 2016.

Which was followed by a report from "sources" in late July that a 200 mile vehicle would come from GM in the form of a Chevy Sonic platform-based vehicle.  Then a trademark application filled earlier this month showed GM squatting on the name "Bolt".

Taken one at a time, all these event are fairly circumstantial...and you can "see what you want to see" in any of them.

So lets add one more thing.

UPDATE (content removed - 12:49 pm): Or maybe we won't .   A member of the comment community here at InsideEVs was included as part of a focus group involving a future long range EV.  That story was emailed to us to share (which we did), but now has been removed at his request as apparently there was some confidentiality issues.  As we don't want to get anyone into hot water, and at his request, we have removed his focus group walk through.

So bonus points to you... if you were here earlier and got to read it.

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