Telefonix's L2 Powerpost EVSE

Telefonix's L2 Powerpost EVSE

Telefonix expanded its low cost, commercial PowerPost charging station product line from Level 1 (details) to Level 2.

The new L2 PowerPost is a low-power unit, but good enough to deliver base 3.3 kW - in our opinion especially well suited for work parking facilities.

MSRP for L2 PowerPost was set at $1,795, with option for reductions for bulk orders.

"The L2 PowerPost EVSE debuts as the first low current Level 2 EV charging station specifically designed for commercial outdoor use.  The second addition to the PowerPost EVSE product line, L2 PowerPost EV Charger continues Telefonix’ focus on efficient, low cost EV charging for longer term parking."

"Higher current Level 2 charging stations can quickly replenish the range of a typical 20-mile commute, but those units are usually more expensive than the L2 PowerPost EVSE and risk spikes in energy demand that can affect a facility's overall energy costs.  For longer term parking, where electric vehicles are parked for 2 hours or more, the 3.3 kW charging rate of the L2 PowerPost EVSE offers a sensible solution for delivering energy to cars and having a minimal economic impact on parking facilities."

"The L2 PowerPost EV charging station can replenish an average commute of 20 miles in 2 hours or less for approximately $1, making it economical and efficient.  This Level 2 EVSE benefits parking facilities such as malls, retail outlets and theaters that want to provide a valuable convenience to customers that drive EVs."

John Hipchen of Telefonix stated:

“The L2 PowerPost EVSE features the same proven, retractable cord reel technology that has helped make our groundbreaking L1 PowerPost EV charging station a success. Being a Level 2 unit, the L2 PowerPost EVSE operates at 208 to 240 volts but only requires a 20 amp circuit.  This lower current allows for the installation of more charging stations with a given electrical supply and, at the same time, satisfy EV drivers looking to replace the range lost during their daily commute.”

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