Bloomberg discusses Elon Musk's response in regards to the Ad in the Palo Alto Daily…But in our view, Bloomberg handles this one very poorly.

The 3 gentlemen talked briefly about the ad, which Elon Musk agrees with.

From there, they went on to discuss other unrelated topics, while mostly taking cheap shots towards Tesla Motors.

The discussion at one point focuses on how the Model S does not have voice activated dialing, but afterwards it's claimed that every voice activated system used did not cooperate.

A comment that we would like to correct, the Model S is Tesla's second vehicle, the Roadster being the first vehicle.

Bloomberg further added about Tesla's "issues" as Edmunds and Consumer Reports had a few quibbles, including up to new drive units needed. Tesla recently took care of this issue as well extended the 8 year unlimited mile warranty (85 kWh) to the drive units. (more on that here)

Another interesting bit of information in regards to Tesla Motors, which basically contradicts some of what Bloomberg states, can be found here.

Basically, Bloomberg flat out missed the boat this time around.

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